Copley Square.


Walden Pond – Lincoln, MA

A staple of Boston suburbia, Walden Pond is swimmable, runnable, and overall, beachable. There is a small roped-off shallow section with lifeguard on duty, but the rest of the pond is also open to the public. There is a parking fee that members can get discounted. Somewhat crowded on weekends and during popular hours (mostly afternoons).

If you’re not so into the beach side of things, you can also visit Henry David Thoreau’s house in the woods near the pond. His work, Walden, describes his time living at Walden Pond, and if you have read his writing it’s a great experience to visit the actual place he was writing from.

A Virtual Walk Through Our Hotel

Building The Godfrey Hotel

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the opening of The Godfrey Hotel Boston this fall.  We are working hard with our talented team focused on the construction, interior and exterior design, marketing and more to make the opening of our hotel a success.  We’re happy to share updates along the way, including a handful of interior renderings that give you a virtual sneak peek into our hotel.

First, when you walk into our hotel, one of the first things you’ll notice is our front desk in the lobby.  We want the lobby to feel welcoming and peaceful, just as the exact meaning of what The Godfrey stands for.  Below is a rendering of our front desk and even more important will be the welcoming team members who help our guests upon arrival and checkout.  We believe each guest should feel an experience of surprise and delight when they arrive.

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What makes Boston great?


The city of Boston has become a rising hub in popularity over the past several years. More and more innovators, students, and permanent residents are moving to the city and as a result, property development and demand for more leasing has increased rapidly. What attracts individuals to the Boston scene? There are several reasons why Boston stands out from other major metropolitan cities in the United States

  1. A rich history

Nobody questions that Boston is a historic city. It was one of the primary battlegrounds for the American Revolution. It is home to many of the structures that housed the founding fathers, and it has a long history of innovation from the first public transportation system in the country to current innovations in technology and green energy. It also has been city with long legacies of competitive sports teams, from the Celtics to the Boston Red Sox. There is a…

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I Know Guac is Extra: Battle of the Boston Burritos

Great comprehensive guide to burrito hunting in Boston!

Map Maiden


A burrito – melted cheese, black or pinto beans, protein of some sort, maybe lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, hot sauce or salsa, all wrapped up into a comfy tortilla. At its most basic, it is perfection, isn’t it? In Boston, there are burrito connoisseurs who create the basics and beyond – grilled pineapple, crunchy fish, homemade salsa and guacamole….

It is hardly fair to decide amongst these Boston establishments, but here you have five fantastic burrito choices, battling it out for what I deem to be, Boston’s Best Burrito:

Chipotle (Watertown, Downtown Crossing, Brighton (Cleveland Circle), Boston BU West): I love Chipotle because no matter where you happen upon one, their dishes always taste the same – there’s no guessing game about one being better or worse than another location. While it’s not a local establishment, I still find myself there every so often (doesn’t hurt that it’s a…

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